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VisionTech is the first manufacturer in Canada to produce Ultra bright signage of the sort. We master the LED technology. We opened our Montreal production plan to meet the specific needs of the market.


Technological advances in the field of illuminated signs have evolved exponentially lately. The new generation of materials used today are more ecological, environmentally friendly, cheaper, brighter while demanding less energy and less maintenance.


Traditional materials as metal foils, fluorescent, acrylic paint are of the past.


We only use sustainable materials such as aluminum, LED (light-emitting diodes), UV vinyl, HD printing to design durable and resistant signs with impeccable finishes without maintenance costs.


Due to the team of experienced engineers, designers, graphic designers and skilled manual workers, VisionTech ensures that your sign can stand out from the crowd of competitors and shine in every aspects.


A VisionTech sign is a sign you see and a profitable investment.

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